Ads too obvious?

You website and ad presence shouldn’t be commanding. Stop telling people what to do. We’ll help build a website and advertisements that insight curiosity. Then we’ll create a culture and community around your brand.

How we work.

Local meetups? Let’s discuss your business like old times. We’ll create a strategy using the seven psychological triggers in your free consultation. Then you decide how to execute.

Ad tyrant.

We’ll take full control of your advertising. From the offer to the creative, we reserve control over the entire campaign. Rest assured, we’re experts in the field and will guide your business in the right direction. Clients that maliciously push these boundaries will be subject to additional fines.

7 Psychological Triggers



Measure user behavior from the moment they click your ad to the point they refer a friend



Analyze user behavior to understand why they need your product or service



Improve your product and offer based on user insight to increase sales and referrals

Stop Wasting Your Money,
Start Growth Hacking

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See if you’re a good match.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re looking to improve your marketing strategy or optimize your operations, look no further.

Is the free consultation actually free?

Get tailored business ideas from us. Use them if you wish, or work with us. No hard sell, just a simple question at the end of the meeting: “Would you like to move forward?”

What is growth hacking?

Growth Hacking is a marketing strategy used to increase user engagement while dramatically reducing advertising spend.

What is ad tyrant?

We get to control your advertising campaign without oversight, this ensures our creative has optimal performance in the minimal amount of time. Ad tyrant can be removed for an additional fine, and is not recommend. Clients who push the boundaries of this rule and do not pay the additional fine will be placed on the public blacklist. 

What is high creative?

We’re based in Denver, Colorado. Weed is legal. We’ll instruct your creative directors to take a toke and think of out of the box ideas. Results not guaranteed, but could be revolutionary.

Why are we different?

You’re not a Fortune 500 company, you shouldnt act like one. We emphases reducing ad spend and improving results with growth hacking strategies. Other agencies want you to keep throwing more and more money into their unsuccessful campaigns. 

Do you offer discounts?

Pricing is always up for negotiation, our pricing models are for general reference but varies depending on industry and business size.

Do you have an office?

We utilize WeWork offices to offer flexibility for our clients. But we prefer local coffee houses for face to face meetings.

What are the ambassador tiers?

Ambassador tiers are used to offer rewards for loyal clients. Rewards include discounts, limited edition merchandise, free print campaigns, networking events and more. Points can be earned though loyalty, referrals and being a great client. Contact us for more information. 

Join our local networking community.

Upon being accepted to the program, you’ll get a free consultation call with a personalized advertising plan